Timelapse Lapics

LAPICS is a complete solution for shooting in "timelapse" mode created by Horus.

By taking pictures and viewing them one after the other at 25 frames per second or more, you get a very dynamic and playful time-lapse montage of an event spread over time, you can see all the stages of the evolution of your project (construction / demolition of a house, building, wind turbine... vegetable or industrial world, landscapes...)

You can contact us for other configurations and have your timelapse Lapics box made to measure.



  1. Water resistant box for outdoor uses
  2. Integrated 14Ah battery
  3. Remote control unit with 4G networks, upload of the pictures to FTP server, Google drive or Dropbox.
  4. Standard system is fully equipped with a 2000D Canon (24MP, Rebel T7). According to your needs we can change the camera and/or the lenses.
  5. 100% Autonomous with a  solar panel
  6. Aluminium ball mount system


30W solar panel

Ball mount support

Safety lock

The timelapse Lapics by Horus photo system integrates a camera into a stand-alone box, remotely accessible via 4G or wifi network. The remote photo recovery system allows you to make a product film, a timelapse construction follow-up, a film of a demolition and construction site of buildings, houses, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels or a project of plant evolutions in a record time and under different planes.
In total autonomy on solar panel or alternative energy, once the time-lapse system is in place, all you have to do is retrieve the sequences of high-resolution digital photographs and make your video montage.
The 18-55mm lens of the Canon 2000D (24MP) will satisfy as many people as possible, the most demanding can contact us for a particular configuration.
The fixing of the housing is done without difficulty, for particular applications, we propose among our accessories a swivel support to facilitate the orientation of the camera or a mast, equivalent to a more stable photo tripod.

Here are some examples of how to use this communication tool which allows the monitoring of building construction time lapse, wind turbine construction, industrial assembly line, construction and demolition sites, works, building renovation, watercourse monitoring, road traffic, crowd movement, business creation, plant analysis, events... This time-lapse camera is increasingly used in the construction industry to improve corporate communication. It is an ideal tool and complementary to your video reports with drones, it allows you to add a significant technical progress to your achievements on YouTube, instagram, Facebook, Cinema etc. You can keep an eye on the site, keep a follow-up construction time lapse and of course intervene at the right time for your ground shots.