Supplies for all situations


 Your project is unique the location where you will install your LAPICS also. We offer various mounting options to respond to any contingency such as the ball mount or the one meter mast. 
We are proud to work with some modern and accurate mean of production, then we can respond to all specific requests.
To prevent our feathered friends from making their nests do not hesitate to use bird spikes.
You can sleep like a dog the LAPICS case has two locking screws that can be unlocked only with the safety key supplied with the LAPICS.

Bird spikes

To prevent our feathered friends from making their nest



1m Pole has to be weighted down to avoid tipping.

Safety lock

Substitution key to open or close the glassdoor of the LAPICS.

Waterproof main supply

110V or 220V waterproof mains supplies

Ball mount support

You can safely fix and orientate your LAPICS thanks to the aluminum ball mount.

30W solar panel

Should you do not have access to mains, do not stress, LAPICS also operates with an autonomous solar panel

The autonomous LAPICS timelapse can, thanks to the 3G/4G networks, forward pictures and be remotely configured. Ideal for the monitoring of long term projects, it can be used indoor or outdoor.
The standard package is equipped with a Canon 2000D Canon (24MP, Rebel T7). Feel free for any other configurations.