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You want to get an accelerated video to monitor a construction site in the building industries or a demolition. Fancy contemplating the hatching of a flower or studying the growth of the flora? Interested in observing the melting of the glaciers or the evolution of the landscapes during the seasons? Looking forward to find a solution to check the water level of a lake over a year or a coastline tidal coefficient ... You’ve knocked at the right door. Our construction timelapse camera LAPICS system is made for you! Thanks to LAPICS you can follow in a few seconds the evolution of an event normally too long to be perceived in real time.

Timelapse Lapics

LAPICS provides accelerated video made from photographs taken at regular intervals. You can remotely set up the parameters or get the pictures thanks to the 3G/4G or WIFI connection networks. 

Should you do not have access to mains supplies, no stress, LAPICS also operates with an autonomous solar panel or with alternative energies.  The waterproof box can be setup in harsh conditions.
Last but not least LAPICS can be tailor-made according to your specifications.


For better shooting conditions your LAPICS has to be hung, hooked or placed on a stable system. We can offer you several accessories to safety fix your LAPICS on a long term period.

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Lapics an autonomous Timelapse system

Are you eager to bring out the best in your video footages? Lapics is the solution for monitoring long term projects. Our system that is known and trusted among photo and video professionals will allow you to recover the pictures in real time thanks to the 3G/4G network. Then you will get nice eye catching timelapse sequences.

But what is a timelapse sequence?

It is a short storytelling movie that shows in accelerated images a time consuming project. By sliding across the pictures, at 25 frames per second, you get an accelerated movie. Should you need specific mountings and whatever your project is: construction, nature, industry, transport we will offer you suitable accessories to set up your LAPICS.

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The autonomous construction timelapse camera LAPICS can, thanks to the 3G/4G networks, forward pictures and be remotely configured. Ideal for the monitoring of long term projects, it can be used indoor or outdoor.
The standard package is equipped with a Canon 2000D. Feel free for any other configurations.